Headlines of the Day 23-03-2024

    HeadlineSourceSyllabusKey points to know
    India to double assistance to Bhutan to ₹10,000 cr.The Hindu(Page 1)IR (GSII) 
    – Why is Bhutan important for India?
    – Key areas of cooperation between the two nations
    Mohiniyattam The Hindu(Page 1)Art and Culture (GSI)– What are the key facts related to Mohiniyattam?
    Can Arvind Kejriwal continue to be CM while in custody?The Hindu(Page 8)Polity and Governance (GSII) – What does public office mean?
    – Can the Chief Minister continue to hold the office while being in custody?
    India now eyes Africa for critical mineralsThe Hindu(Page 11)IR (GSII)– What are critical minerals?Its importance for India
    Australia, Britain to build AUKUS subsThe Hindu(Page 12)IR (GSII)– What is AUKUS?
    – Key facts related to it
    Pushpak Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV)Indian Express(Page 6)Space (GSIII)
    – What is the Pushpak Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV)?
    – Its significance
    Gulaal GotaIndian Express(Page 13)Culture (GSI)– What is Gulaal Gota?
    – Its significance
    International Day of ForestsPIBEnvironment (GSIII)– What is the significance of the International Day of Forests?
    Ministry of Earth Sciences hosts Inter-Ministerial Joint Workshop on Blue EconomyPIBEconomy (GSIII)– What is the Blue Economy?
    – Its significance for India
    1st Foreign Office Consultations Between India And Mauritania Held In NouakchottAirIR (GSII)– What are the key areas of cooperation between India and Mauritania?
    UN General Assembly Approves First Resolution On Artificial IntelligenceAIRIR (GSII) / S&T (GSIII)– Recently, the UN General Assembly has approved the first resolution on Artificial Intelligence. What will be its significance?
    Inauguration Of Shree Jestha Varna Mahavihar Reflects India’s Development Partnership With NepalAIRCulture (GSI) / IR (GSII)– What are the key facts related to the Shree Jestha Varna Mahavihar?