Headlines of the Day 23-01-2024


    PIB,  Indian Express, AIR

    HeadlineSourceSyllabusKey points to know
    Chinese research vessel enters Indian Ocean, ‘heading’ to Male, say trackersThe Hindu(Page 1)IR(GSII)– Know about Indian Ocean Region
    – Significance of Indian Ocean
    – Emerging Challenges and 
    – What needs to be done
    Tax contribution by States needs to be revisited
    The Hindu(Page 6)
    Governance(GSII)/Economy(GSIII)– What is  the Finance Commission?
    – important tasks 
    – How Taxes are Distributed Among States?
    – Challenges and 
    – Suggestions 
    The idea of one nation, one election is against federalism
    The Hindu(Page 6)
    Governance(GSII)– What are Simultaneous Elections?
    – Benefits 
    – Challenges 
    – Recent developments 
    – Way ahead 
    Fired up and plugged in
    The Hindu(Page 7)
    Environment(GSIII)– What is  India’s  Roadmap for Decarbonization ?
    – How can  India decarbonise its power sector while ensuring economic development and energy security.
    – Future outlook 
    On equal access to benefits for all SCs
    The Hindu(Page 8)
    – Know about Criteria for SC status in India. 
    – Can Parliament sub-categorise castes within the Scheduled Castes?
    – What are Issues encountered by schedule caste
    – What are the Constitutional Provisions For Upliftment of the Schedule Caste?
    – Recent developments 
    – Way ahead 
    Why was FCRA registration for several NGOs cancelled?
    The Hindu(Page 8)
    – What is the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act(FCRA)?
    – Amendments to FCRA:
    – Prohibited Activities Under FCRA Registration
    – The Concerns of NGOs Regarding the FCRA
    – Way Forward
    Intersectionality of gender and caste in women’s participation in the labour force
    The Hindu(Page 9)
    Society(GSI)– Know about gender and caste dynamics in India’s labour market 
    – What are structural rigidities in India’s manufacturing and service sectors
    – Their Impacts 
    – And suggestions 
    Batadrava ThanThe Hindu(Page 10)Culture(GSI)

    – Know about Batadrava Than 
    Ayodhya temple 
    The Hindu(Page 11)
    Culture(GSI)– Learn facts related to  Ayodhya temple 
    PM announces solar rooftop scheme for 1 crore householdsThe Hindu(Page 12)

    – Know about Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana’ 
    – What is India’s current solar capacity?
    – Why is an expansion of solar energy important for India?
    kumki elephantsThe Hindu(Page 12)Species in news (GSIII)– Learn facts related to kumki elephants
    – Their Utility 
    Govt. expands financial services scope at IFSC

    The Hindu(Page 13)

    Economy(GSIII)– Know about International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) 
    – Its mandate 
    Jammu CSIR lab finds cannabis compound that has antibiotic effects

    The Hindu(Page 18)
    Health(GSII) – What is India’s AMR burden?
    – Need for ‘alternative solutions’
    – How  are Antibacterial properties of tetrahydrocannabidiol (THCBD) made?
    – What were THCBD’s effects?
    A23aThe Hindu(Page 18)Geography (GSI)– What is A23a? 
    EVs development, adoption to play major role in India’s transition to low carbon economyIndian Express(Page 14)
    Environment(GSIII) – Know about the EV adoption in India 
    – advantages and 
    – Disadvantages
    – Role Of Government Policies And Incentives In Driving The Ev Market
    Drivers of food inflation 
    Indian Express(Page 18)Economy(GSIII) – How food inflation in India has been de-globalised, 
    – what factors can drive prices now
    – Impacts 
    – Suggestions 
    Davos meeting 2024Indian Express(Page 18)

    IR(GSII)– What are key takeaways of Davos meeting 2024?
    Free Movement RegimeIndian Express(Page 18)


    – What is a Free Movement Regime?
    – Its purpose 
    Parakram DiwasPIBHistory(GSI)– Know about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose  and Parakram Diwas 2024

    Defense(GSIII)– Learn about EXERCISE ‘CYCLONE’ and  EXERCISE ‘CYCLONE’

    Social Audit Advisory Body (SAAB)PIBGovernance(GSII)
    – Know about Social Audit Advisory Body (SAAB)
    – And its objectives
    India and Nigeria have agreed to strengthen people-to-people exchanges and cooperate in energy and mobility sectorsAIRIR(GSII)– Know about India Zambia relations
    – Latest Developments