Headlines of the Day 22-12-2023


    PIB, The Hindu, Indian Express, Mint, AIR

    HeadlineSourceSyllabusKey points to know
    Lok Sabha passes Bill on CEC, EC appointmentThe Hindu: (Page 1)
    Polity and Governance (GSII)– What are the key provisions of the CEC, EC appointment Bill that has been recently passed by the Lok Sabha?
    India Skills Report 2024The Hindu: (Page 6)Governance (GSII) / Economy (GSIII)– What are the key findings of the India Skills Report 2024?
    Bengaluru airport wins award at UNESCO’s 2023 Prix VersaillesThe Hindu: (Page 6)Miscellaneous – UNESCO recognises Terminal 2 at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda as one of ‘World’s Most Beautiful Airports’. What will be its significance?
    Questionable searches under the Money Laundering ActThe Hindu: (Page 10)Internal Security (GSIII)
    – What is the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002?
    – Its significance, criticism and the way forward
    three Bills that replace the body of criminal laws in India
    Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita Bill, 2023  
    The Hindu: (Page 10)

    Indian Express(Page 13)
    Polity and Governance (GSII)

    – What are the key provisions of the three Bills that were passed by the Parliament recently to replace the criminal laws in India?
    – Its significance
    All-India Judicial Service The Hindu: (Page 11)
    Polity and Governance (GSII)– What is the All-India Judicial Service?
    – Should an All-India Judicial Service be created?
    Post Office Bill, 2023The Hindu: (Page 12)Polity and Governance (GSII) – What are the key provisions of the Post Office Bill, 2023?
    – Its significance, criticism and the way forward
    RS passes Telecom Bill amid empty Opposition benchesThe Hindu: (Page 14)Polity and Governance (GSII) 
    – What are the key provisions of the Telecom Bill that was recently passed by the Rajya Sabha?
    Parliament passes Bill to replace the PRB ActThe Hindu: (Page 14)Polity and Governance (GSII) 

    – What are the key provisions of the Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill that was recently passed by the Parliament?
    India receives price bids for 26 Rafale jets, 3 submarinesThe Hindu: (Page 16)Defense (GSIII)– What are the key facts related to the Rafale jets?
    – Its strategic significance for India
    WHO prequalifies a malaria vaccine by Serum InstituteThe Hindu: (Page 16)Health (GSII) – What is the R21/Matrix-M malaria vaccine?
    – Its significance
    Namdapha flying squirrel resurfaces in Arunachal PradeshThe Hindu: (Page 16)Species in news (GSIII) – Namdapha flying squirrel: Its habitat and IUCN status
    Iceland volcano eruptionIndian Express(Page 13)GS 1 (Geography)– Iceland volcano eruption: What are volcanoes and why is the island so volcanically active?
    “Paat-Mitro” application
    PIBEconomy (GSIII)– What is the “Paat-Mitro” application?
    – Its significance
    Adi Vyakhyan’ PIBSociety (GSI) / Governance (GSII) 
    – What is ‘Adi Vyakhyan’?
    – Its significance
    As JN.1 emerges as variant of interest, time to evaluate preparednessThe Hindu: (Page 22)

    Health (GSII)– What is the new COVID variant, JN.1?
    – Its causes, symptoms and prevention
    Researchers patenting new treatment for nicotine addictionThe Hindu: (Page 22)Health (GSII)– What is nicotine addiction?
    – Its causes, symptoms & treatment
    ISRO to usher in New Year with XPoSat launchIndian Express(Page 8)Space (GSIII)

    – What is XPoSat, India’s first polarimetry mission?
    – Its objectives
    India may compensate exporters against UK, EU carbon taxIndian Express(Page 17)Economy (GSIII)– What is the EU carbon tax?
    – In what way EU carbon tax benefits and impacts the Indian Market? 
    rare earth mineralsIndian Express (Page 17)Economy (GSIII) / IR (GSII)– What are  rare earth minerals?
    – Its importance for India
    ECI issues guidelines to nudge political parties to move towards respectful discourse for persons with disabilitiesPIBGovernance (GSII) – What are the roles and responsibilities of ECI?
    2023 Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage ConservationNews on air Culture (GSI) / Miscellaneous – What are the key highlights of the 2023 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation?
    Africa’s second largest oil producer Angola leaves OPEC News on air 
    IR (GSII) / Economy (GSIII)– What is OPEC?
    – Why did Angola exit OPEC?