Headlines of the Day 22-11-2023


    PIB, The Hindu, Indian Express, Mint, AIR

    Defence – GS 3– What is the Exercise VAJRA PRAHAR?
    – Its significance for India
    State Educational Achievement Survey 2023PIB
    Education – GS 2 – What are the key findings of the State Educational Achievement Survey 2023?
    Rapid Innovation and Startup Expansion (RISE)AIREconomy – GS 3 – What is the Rapid Innovation and Startup Expansion (RISE) Program?
    – Its aims and objectives
    The OECD report on climate financeThe Hindu (Page 10)Environment – GS 3 – What does the OECD report say of climate finance ahead of COP 28?
    Sickle cell anaemiaIE (Page 1)Health – GS 2 / Science and Technology – GS 3 – What is sickle cell anaemia?
    – UK approves gene therapy for sickle cell anaemia. Why does it offers hope for Indian patients?
    TantalumIE (Page 13) 
    Science and Technology – GS 3– What is tantalum, the rare metal found in Sutlej?
    – Its significance