Headlines of the Day 21-02-2024


    PIB,  Indian Express, AIR

    HeadlineSourceSyllabusKey points to know
    Maharashtra Assembly clears 10% Maratha quotaThe Hindu(Page 1)Polity and Governance (GSII) 
    – Recently, the Maharashtra assembly passed the Maratha quota bill. What is its Significance, Challenges and the way forward?
    The real threat to the ‘India as we know it’The Hindu(Page 10)Polity and Governance (GSII) – What is polarised politics?
    – Its impact and solution
    Clarity on the nature and extent of ‘deemed forest’ is essentialThe Hindu(Page 10)
    Indian Express(Page 17)
    Governance (GSII) / Environment (GSIII) – How are forests defined in India?
    – Importance of forest
    – Challenges associated with forest and the way forward
    Having panchayats as self-governing institutionsThe Hindu(Page 10)
    Polity and Governance (GSII) – What are the constitutional provisions related to the panchayats?
    – Its significance
    cervical cancer control scheme must be made accessible to allThe Hindu(Page 10)
    Health (GSII) – What is cervical cancer?
    – Steps taken by the government for its mitigation
    Judicial clarity on free speechThe Hindu(Page 11)Polity and Governance (GSII) – What does free speech mean? Constitutional provisions related to it
    – What is the significance of Kunal Kamra’s case? 
    Making sense of electoral bond judgment through dataThe Hindu(Page 11)Polity and Governance (GSII) – What are the key findings of the Supreme Court’s verdict with respect to the electoral bond scheme?
    Farmers protestThe Hindu(Page 12)Governance (GSII) / Economy (GSIII)– Why are farmers protesting again?
    – Their demands and possible solution
    ‘Chevalier de la Legion d’ Honneur’The Hindu(Page 16)Miscellaneous – What is ‘Chevalier de la Legion d’ Honneur’?
    – Key facts related to it
    Skywalker hoolock gibbon The Hindu(Page 22)Species (GSIII)– What are the key facts related to the Skywalker hoolock gibbon?
    On the right to maintenance for divorced Muslim womenThe Hindu(Page 12)Society (GSI) / Governance (GSII)– Do personal laws debar divorced Muslim women from availing maintenance under Section 125 CrPC?
    Tracking the northeast: new fiction by women and a history of the Kohima BattleThe Hindu(Page 13)

    Governance (GSII) / Internal Security (GSIII)

    – What are the key facts related to the Kohima Battle?
    Rules that edge out women from jobs due to marriage illegal: SCThe Hindu(Page 16)
    Society (GSI) / Economy (GSIII)
    – What are the challenges that married women face in Jobs?
    – Steps taken for its mitigation
    India, Sri Lanka move forward with talks on trade agreementThe Hindu(Page 18)

    IR (GSII)– Why is Sri Lanka important to India?
    – Key areas of cooperation between the two nations
    UNICEF says one in six Gaza children malnourishedThe Hindu(Page 18)

    International Reports (GSII)– What is the impact of the Israel-Gaza Crisis on children?
    – What needs to be done for their betterment?
    Amount of tiny plastic particles in bottled water underestimated: studyThe Hindu(Page 22)

    Environment (GSIII) / Health (GSII)– What are tiny plastic particles?
    – Its impact 
    Lab-grown diamonds put natural gems industry under huge pressureThe Hindu

    Economy (GSIII)– What are Lab-grown diamonds?
    – Key facts related to it
    escalation of respiratory diseases, particularly Influenza A (H1N1), in IndiaIndian Express(Page 13)
    Health (GSII)– What is Influenza A (H1N1)?
    – Its causes and prevention
    ‘Small scale fishing should be exempted from WTO talks’Indian Express(Page 15)
    Economy (GSIII)– What is the significance of the fishing industry for the Indian economy?
    – Challenges it faces and the way forward
    WHO launches digital health platform agreed upon in India’s G20 presidencyIndian Express(Page 9)
    Health (GSII)– What is the Global Initiative on Digital Health (GIDH)?
    – Key facts related to it
    MSP is the minimum support farmers need to stay in businessIndian Express(Page 12)
    Economy (GSIII)– What is the MSP?
    – How are they decided?
    – Its significance, concerns and the way forward
    Greening growthIndian Express(Page 12)Environment (GSIII)– What does green growth mean?
    – Its significance
    El Nino, La NinaIndian Express(Page 12)Geography (GSI)– What is El Nino, La Nina?
    – Its impacts
    Art 142, why SC quashed Chandigarh mayor’s election, and why it mattersIndian Express(Page 17)
    Polity and Governance (GSII) – What is Article 142 of the Indian Constitution?
    – Its significance
    Japan commits Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan of Japanese Yen (JPY) 232.209 billion for nine projects in various sectors in IndiaPIBIR (GSII)– What is an Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan?
    – Key areas of cooperation between Japan and India
    PM Modi to inaugurate 9th edition of Raisina Dialogue in New DelhiAIRIR (GSII)– What is the Raisina Dialogue?
    – Its significance
    Malta Becomes 119th Country to Join International Solar AllianceAIRIR (GSII) / Environment (GSIII)
    – What is the International Solar Alliance?
    – Key facts related to it
    Hyderabad-based ICRISAT announces World’s first Pigeon Pea speed breeding protocolAIREconomy (GSIII)– What is the significance of the World’s first Pigeon Pea speed breeding protocol?