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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2



    There is hardly any autonomy at the panchayat level 

    (Polity and Governance)


    Know about the evolution of Gram panchayats 

    What is the role of Gram panchayats in the development of rural areas? Challenges associated with them, What should be the Way Forward?


    GS 2



    A G20 presidency to amplify South Asia’s voice 

    (International Relations)

    What opportunity does the G20 presidency offer to india?associated challenges and ways to handle the, 

    GS 1


    On the shifting banks of the Ganga


    What causes river bank erosion? impacts and measures 

    GS 2


    India can lead efforts to find new TB vaccine, says former WHO scientist



    Know about Tuberculosis (TB), the prevalence in India, main risk factors for TB in India, various initiatives of governments, and what more needs to be done ?

    GS 2


    New guidelines to regulate promotions on social media

    (Government Policies and Interventions )

    What are the features and objectives of the government’s endorsement guidelines for celebrities and social media influencers?

    GS 3


    Govt. policy muddle is stalling production of biodegradable plastic


    What is the impact of banning single-use plastic? Is Plastic bio-degradable at all? concerns linked to it , What are the plastic waste management rules in India? and suggestions