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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 3



    Farmers reap Modi climbdown


    (Polity and Governance/Economy)

    the Union government’s recent step to the repeal of the three farm laws, what are key provisions of 3 Farmers Bills and The Controversies Surrounding them, why there is need of “Reforms” in agriculture, what are the intiatives taken in this context.

    GS 2


    India china relations going through bad pitch


    (IR )


    Why India and China are going through a “particularly bad patch” in their ties? about India China ties, what is LAC?, border issues with China, ongoing tensions between the Indian and Chinese armed forces in eastern Ladakh, disengagement process, key analysis and what measures need to be adopted to address this.

    GS 2


    Forgetting the city


    Know about the initiatives of naming and renaming railway stations, why it has become important to political calculations, with cities, localities and landmarks being renamed in recent times, history of Bhopal.

    GS 3


    Time for a climate tax 



    How taxing the well-off could help raise resources to deal with important issues like climate change, what features of the taxation policy of the government?

    GS 3


    What farm law repeal means for farmers, govt, Opposition and PM



    What were the farm laws that have been repealed? Why had the need been felt? In what circumstances were the laws passed? When and how did the farmers’ protests start, and how did the Centre react? How did talks between the Centre and farmers begin, and how did they proceed? What resonance did the protests in Delhi and Punjab have elsewhere, and why? In practical terms, what was the status of the three laws until the repeal? So if the laws have been lying dormant, how has PM’s announcement changed things? After a year of refusing to yield, why did the government suddenly do so? Will it have a bearing on the protests against other major government decisions that are facing protests? How does the repeal impact the political economy of rural India?

    GS 2


    CCI study calls for National Digital Drugs Databank :How will it help


    (Governance )

    Why the Competition Commission of India (CC) has recommended the creation of a National Digital Drugs Databank and strict enforcement of drug quality standards? What are the key findings of the CCI? Why does brand competition override price competition in the market for generic drugs? What has the CCI recommended?