Headlines of the Day 20-05-2024

    HeadlineSourceSyllabusKey points to know
    Tamil Nadu sanctions release of ₹1,229 cr. for rural jobs schemeThe Hindu (Page 3)Governance (GSII) 

    – What is the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) scheme?
    – Its significance in generating the rural jobs
    – Challenges it faces and the way forward
    A minor girl victim support scheme that loses its wayThe Hindu (Page 6)Women Empowerment (GSI)

    – What are the objectives of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012?
    – Where it lacks and what next?
    Renew the generalised system of preferencesThe Hindu (Page 7)IR (GSII) / Economy (GSIII)
    – What is the “generalised system of preferences” or GSP?
    – Its significance for the  U.S.-India trade relationship
    Why was Purkayastha’s arrest invalidated?The Hindu (Page8 )Governance (GSII) 
    – What does Article 22 stipulate?
    – Why was the NewsClick founder’s arrest considered ‘illegal’ and in violation of the fundamental right guaranteed under Article 22(1) of the Constitution?
    European Union probing Facebook and InstagramThe Hindu (Page9)IR (GSII) / IT & Computers (GSIII)– Why is the European Union probing Facebook and Instagram?- Are these platforms under scrutiny of other countries outside the EU?
    – What are the general practices of protecting minors online?
    Army gets 27,000 AK-203 rifles through joint ventureThe Hindu (Page10)

    Defence (GSIII)– What are the key facts related to the Russian AK-203 assault rifles?
    – Its significance for Indian defence
    Critical priority pathogens continue to pose threat: WHOThe Hindu (Page10)

    Health (GSII)

    – What are the key highlights of the latest Bacterial Pathogens Priority List (BPPL) updated by the World Health Organization (WHO)?
    Balancing two forms of SNCA protein could help manage Parkinson’sThe Hindu (Page18)

    S&T (GSIII)– What is Synuclein alpha (SNCA) protein?
    – How can it help in managing Parkinson’s disease?
    NucleosynthesisThe Hindu (Page18)S&T (GSIII)– What is Nucleosynthesis? 
    – Its significance
    Delhi’s MPLAD funds is still unutilisedIndian Express (Page 3)

    Governance (GSII) 

    – What is the Members of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD) scheme?
    – Its significance, challenges and the way forward
    Why worker housing is the key to unlocking India’s manufacturing ambitionsIndian Express (Page 8)Economy (GSIII) 

    – What are the major challenges that India’s manufacturing sector is facing?
    – Is worker housing the key to unlocking India’s manufacturing ambitions?
    Green credits: Govt nod to 12 projects, 24 under considerationIndian Express (Page 10)Environment (GSIII)– What is the Green Credit Program (GCP)?
    – Its aims and objectives
    Illegal mining in SariskaIndian Express (Page 11)
    Environment (GSIII)
    – What are the key facts related to the Sariska tiger reserve?
    – How Illegal mining is threatening Sariska?
    – Steps taken for its mitigation
    How Punjab and Haryana remain key to national food securityIndian Express (Page 11)
    Economy (GSIII)
    – What is Food Security?
    – Why Punjab and Haryana are key to India’s food security?
    An Expert Explains: The evolution and essentials of India’s climate policyIndian Express (Page 11)
    Environment (GSIII)
    – What is India’s climate policy?
    – Its significance and challenges 
    – What lies ahead?
    Secret behind construction of Egypt’s pyramidsIndian Express (Page 11)
    History (GSI)– What are the key facts relayted to Egypt’s pyramids?
    – Who was Neelam Sanjiva Reddy?
    – His major contributions
    Umeed NiketanPIBGovernance (GSII) 
    – What is Umeed Niketan?
    – Its objectives