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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2



    T.N. House urges Centre not to implement languages panel report

    (Government Policies and Interventions)

    Know about  recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language?How have regional leaders reacted? And way ahead 

    GS 3


    Govt. starts spraying bio decomposer solution in fields as AQI remains ‘poor


    Know about Bio-Decomposer Technology for Stubble Burning


    GS 3


    Japan seeks GI tag for nihonshu, an alcoholic beverage

     (Intellectual Property Rights)

    What is a Geographical Indication (GI)? And know about nihonshu


    GS 3


    Six spider species discovered across the country 


    Grazing animals key to long-term soil carbon stability: IISc study



    Learn facts related to  new species of spiders from across the country.


    What are the Factors controlling soil organic carbon stability ? and findings of recent study and its relevance .

    GS 2


    The dire need to talk about 1962


    (International Relations)

    Know about the 1962 India-China war,what lessons need to be learn and future prospects 

    GS 2



    Whose pleasure? 

    (Parliament and State legislature )


    Know about Governors ,Functions and Powers and Constitutional provisions ,why there is the Tussle between Governor and Ministers and way ahead 

    GS 2


    Gambia child deaths and cough syrups



    What happened in the Gambia?What are the toxic chemicals found in samples tested by the WHO? And Ongoing probe


    GS 3


    The illusion of being faster than light: how a star problem was solved 

    (Science and Technology)

    Know about Black hole ,What are various studies linked to black hole and their significance 

    GS 2


    ‘Court cannot issue direction to frame Universal Civil Code’


    (Polity and Governance)

    Know about Uniform Civil Code (UCC),Origin ,Significance,Challenges and Way Forward


    GS 2


    ‘We don’t believe in hierarchical world’


    India­-U.K. form joint group to enhance


    (International Relations)

    Know about  India­-Africa Defence Dialogue (IADD)and What are the outcomes of  2nd IADD ?


    Know about  India-U.K. partnership and latest developments .

    GS 2/3


    SC asks govt. to develop modules on drug abuse that can render as order

    (Health/Internal Security)

    Know about Drug menace in India ,Major Reasons for Drug Abuse,Challenges in preventing Drug Abuse,Impacts of Drugs Abuse,Various Steps taken and what more needs to be done ?




    Sri Lankan author Shehan Karunatilaka wins Booker Prize for afterlife thriller

    (Miscellaneous )

    Learn facts related to Booker Prize