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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2


    Amid 99% polling, Murmu bags a few Opposition votes


    (Polity and Governance)

    Know about elections process of President of India and constitutional provisions related to it


    GS 1


    SC extends time for audit of Padmanabhaswamy temple


    (Art and Culture)

    Learn facts related to Padmanabhaswamy temple

    GS 3


    The five-day work week might be fading away



    Know about the relationship between work hours and productivity , outcomes of trials,Benefits of lowering working hours ,challenges in implementation ,and what should be the way forward . 


    GS 3


    India’s climate imperative


    What are climate change-induced disasters?impacts What approaches does India need to adapt to climate impacts ?

    GS 2


    The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and its stature in the modern world


    The Pakistan and IMF talks: What lies ahead? 


     (International Relations)


    What is the SCO?What is the organisational structure? And How is this relevant to India? 


    Why was the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) signed between the two? Why is the IMF important for Pakistan’s economy? 


    GS 2


    Stalemate in India-China talk continues


     (International Relations)


    What are the outcomes of recent India-China talks?other efforts to resolve the border issues and what lies ahead? 


    GS 3


    Panel on MSP, natural farming set up


    Why did the government constitute a committee for minimum support price (MSP)? And What is MSP?


    GS 3


    Crypto law needs global teamwork: FM


    What is Cryptocurrency?its pros and cons ,Regulation of Cryptocurrencies in India and future prospects