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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 1



    Kashi Tamil Sangamam will unite the country, connect different languages, says Amit Shah

    (Art and Culture)

    Know about Kashi Tamil Sangamam and its significance 

    GS 3


    Wayanad rice festival promotes climate ­resilient crops 


    What is Ikki Jathre?


    GS 3


    Five agricultural products of Kerala get GI tag, taking the total count to 17

    (Intellectual Property Rights)

    Know about agricultural products of Kerala that get the Geographical Indication (GI) tag and what is GI tag?

    GS 3


    Countering terror

    (Internal Security)

    Know about Global Counterterrorism Approach, challenges that are being faced by the counter-terrorism mechanism.and Way Forward’

    GS 2


    No Supreme Court Benches will be available during winter vacation, says CJI


    LS clears Bill to add Himachal’s Hattee community in ST list


    (Polity and Governance)

    Know about Vacation Benches and their purpose 


    What are features and objectives of Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Third Amendment) Bill, 2022?

    GS 3




    India likely to post highest percentage rise in coal use 


    What are the findings of a recent report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) for coal use in India?

    GS 3


    Rupee settlement options draw interest from 4 more nations


    Government cuts windfall tax on crude oil output


    Know about India’s rupee trade settlement mechanism


    What is windfall tax ?