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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2


    Steady rise in Indian students in US staying on for job training



    Why do Indian students prefer to study abroad for higher education? Can UGC’s Draft Regulations-2023 will be able to change this narrative?

    GS 2


    Central team’s arrival to be announced soon, says Pradhan


    (Government Policies & Interventions)

    Know about the Mid-Day Meal Scheme (PM POSHAN), Impact of the scheme, Issues associated with the scheme, and the way forward.

    GS 3



    First advance warning of 2023-24



    How is a Budget prepared by the government? How inflation, unemployment, and global recession will impact the Budget for 2023-24?

    GS 3


    Sweden uncovers Europe’s largest deposit of minerals for green vehicles.


    (Science and Technology / Environment)

    What is a Green vehicle? Also, know about rare earth metals, what is the role of rare earth metals in ‘clean energy transitions.’ Could the recent discovery by Sweden be able to change geopolitics?