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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2


    Avoid unilateral action to alter Taiwan status quo, says India

    (International Relations)

    Know about the Taiwan crisis ,causes ,repercussions ,and india’s stand on the Taiwan crisis 

    GS 3 


    Centre to file review petition on eco sensitive zones in SC



    What are Eco-Sensitive Zones? Significance of Eco Sensitive Zone (ESZ)Issues around Eco-Sensitive Zones,Supreme Court  judgement on eco-sensitive zones and Way Ahead

    GS 3




    Moving policy away from population control


    What are findings of United Nations’ World Population Prospects (WPP), 2022?What were India’s populations at the time of Independence ? Challenges and opportunities of being the most populous country,demographic concern of independent India and suggest ways to handle them .

    GS 2




    Electricity Bill ‘problematic’: Opposition


    (Polity and Governance )

    Know about the Electricity (Amendment) Bill,its provisions ,objectives ,why is it being opposed and what lies ahead .


    GS 2


    ‘Freebies are different from welfare schemes’

    (Polity and Governance )

    What constitutes “freebies”? Should they be encouraged?issues linked to them and the Supreme Court’s Observations on freebies .


    GS 2




    Essential Commodities Act invoked to rein in tur dal price


    Centre begins scheme to rehabilitate beggars


    Govt. to enumerate people who clean sewers 


    (Polity and Governance )

    What is the Essential Commodities Act? And Its objectives 


    What is SMILE-75’ initiative ? and its objectives 


    Know about the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MoSJ&E) upcoming initiatives for people engaged in hazardous cleaning of sewers and septic tanks and why it is needed?