Headlines of the Day 13-06-2024

    Tackling the fatty liver disease epidemicThe Hindu (Page 9)Health (GSII)
    Food inflation spikes in urban India, nears 9%The Hindu (Page 12)Economy(GSIII)
    PM to attend G-7 outreach in Italy; all eyes on possible interaction with Zelenskyy, TrudeauThe Hindu (Page 13)IR(GSII)
    Study ranks India second in nitrous oxide emissionsThe Hindu (Page 14)

    PLI to attract ₹3-4 lakh crore investments over 4 years: IcraThe Hindu (Page 15)
    Four new studies report progress towards long-awaited HIV vaccineThe Hindu (Page 22)
    Elephants call each other by name, study suggestsThe Hindu (Page 22)

    Physical Research Laboratory scientists find three new craters on Mars surfaceThe HinduS&T(GSIII)
    World will amass ‘major’ oil surplus by ‘30: International Energy AgencyThe Hindu 
    Joshimath renamed as Jyotirmath, Kosiyakutoli is now Kainchi DhamIndian Express (Page 8)
    Art and Culture (GSI)
    3 states seek shrinking of eco-sensitive areas in Western GhatsIndian Express (Page 9)Environment(GSIII)
    Why heatwaves have not been included as a notified disaster in the Disaster Management ActIndian Express (Page 11)Environment/Disaster Management (GSIII)
    How SpaceX’s Starship can revolutionise space travel and explorationIndian Express (Page 11)S&T(GSIII)
    Satnami Samaj communityIndian Express (Page 11)Society(GSI)
    World Day Against Child LabourAirSocial Issues(GSI)
    Jammu & Kashmir Elevates Agricultural Partnership With New Zealand