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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2



    Ukraine dominates Modi-Biden talks


    Modi pushes for peace as Shehbaz fags Kashmir


    (International Relations)

    What are the focused areas  of fourth ‘2+ 2’ foreign and defence ministry dialogues between India-US?know about the Russia-Ukraine crisis and  how to manage the destabilising effects of this Russian war?


    What is the present status of bilateral engagement between Indian and Pakistan ,a major irritant between them ,how change in Pakistan  leadership will affect ties between both the countries and what lies ahead ?

    GS 3


    Odisha’s Barbara forest set for ecotourism push


    Microplastics in Cauvery river may be harming fish: IISc. study 




    Learn facts related to  Barbara forest 


    What is Microplastics ?What a new study  of Indian Institute of Science (IISc.)says about microplastic pollution in Cauvery river? What are the efforts being made in this context and what more needs to be done to tackle it ?

    GS 3




    In pandemic shock, critical lessons for MSMEs 



    How Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are critical for achieving the overall objectives of economic development?significance of the sector , initiatives by governments since Independence,what are challenges  being faced by the sector? the impact of COVID-19 on MSMEs and what measures need to be taken to support their revival ?

    GS 2


    India and the U.K.: Crafting a new legacy 

    (International Relations )

    How has the war in Ukraine brought unexpected changes in the world?Why has India’s position been in the spotlight in recent days? India-U.K. relationship in current scenario ,what is the importance of developing deeper ties between UK and India in the Indo-Pacific ?New areas of cooperation and what lies ahead ?

    GS 2




    State of adolescent learning


    Why has there been a massive government drive to push for universal enrolment, extending to secondary as well as primary school children in India ?findings of Annual Status of Education Reports (ASER) ,why is there an eminent need to integrate gender sensitisation modules into curricula for adolescents’ education?,key analysis and way forward 

    GS 2




    Amending the Weapons of Mass Destruction Act 


    On making Kannada mandatory for UG courses 


    (Polity and Governance)

    What was the purpose of the original

    WMD Act?What has the Amendment added to the

    existing Act?Why was this Amendment necessary?What more should India do?


    Can Kannada be prescribed as a mandatory language under the National Education Policy, 2020?What were the Karnataka Government’s  Orders?What has been the Central government’s response?What had the court ruled earlier?What lies ahead?

    GS 3




    NITI puts out Energy and Climate Index list


    What is The State Energy and Climate Index (SECI)?its Parameters  and recent findings  .

    GS 3


    TRAI moots up to 40% spectrum price cut


    Why the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) slashed the base price for airwaves by up to 40% across all spectrum bands, including 5G airwaves?significance of striking  a balance between generating revenue and the sustainability of the telecom sector,what are the other recommendations of TRAI in this context ?