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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 1


    Celebrating Parampara 


    A peek into Tibetan culture at Majnu Ka Tila

    (Art and Culture)

    Know about Natya Tarangini’s Parampara  Festival  


    Learn facts related to Gorshey dance 

    GS 3


    ISRO’s cryogenic engine, indigenously developed for LVM3, passes hot test

    (Science and Technology)

    Know about cryogenic engine and  LVM-3

    GS 1


    GS 2




    Forgotten in India after fighting from world trenches



    Content slot

    (Government Policies & Interventions)

    What are  India’s contributions to the world wars? And why there is no recognition within India of this history 


    Know about government’s  the new guidelines for television channels in India ,objectives ,key analysis and way ahead 

    GS 2


    Should Chief Ministers have a say in the appointment of Governors?


    (Parliament and State Legislature )

    What are the roles and responsibilities of a Governor? What is the significance of the post?emerging issues between State governments and Governors and what lies ahead ?


    GS 2


    Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson

    (International Relations)

    Why is Kherson an important location geographically and how did Russia take control over it? What are the reasons for Russia’s retreat from the region?

    GS 2


    Payments still an issue; India and Russia working towards a solution

    (International Relations)

    What is the present status of India and Russia bilateral relations ? recent developments ,issues and way ahead