Headlines of the Day 11-06-2024

    From warp speed to reset, the state of India-U.S. ties  The Hindu (Page 8)  Polity and Governance (GSII)  
    A push for more climate actionThe Hindu (Page 8)  Environment(GSIII)
    Why India needs a third aircraft carrierThe Hindu (Page 9)Defense(GSIII)
    Confidence about economy declines after consistent recovery  The Hindu (Page 9)  Economy(GSIII)  
    On Special Category Status for Andhra  The Hindu (Page 10)    Polity and Governance (GSII)  
    Heat: how it animates engines and global warming  The Hindu (Page 11)      Environment(GSIII)    
    PM Kisan Nidhi installment released to 9.3-cr. farmers  The Hindu (Page 13)    Welfare Schemes(GSII)      
    ISRO releases images of sun captured by Aditya-L1 during MayThe Hindu (Page 14)  Space(GSIII)
    India welcomes Egypt, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia joining BRICSThe Hindu (Page 14)    IR(GSII)  
    Understand the Indian Ocean and you’ll understand much about earthThe Hindu (Page 22)  Environment (GSIII)
     Przewalski horsesThe Hindu (Page 22)    Species in news(GSIII)
    This is the moment for a new federal compactIndian Express (Page 10)  Polity and Governance (GSII)
    What are the powers of the Speaker, why is the post crucial for BJP, its alliesIndian Express (Page 14)  Polity and Governance (GSII)  
    India -MaldivesIndian Express (Page 14)  IR(GSII)
    Quality Council of India celebrates World Accreditation Day in more than 20 cities across IndiaPIBEconomy(GSIII)  
    Centre releases Rs. 1,39,750 crore installment of Tax Devolution to StatesPIBPolity and Governance (GSII)
    Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog unveils AIM – ICDK Water Challenge 4.0 and Innovations For You – SDG Entrepreneurs of IndiaPIBS&T(GSIII)
    UNSC Approves US Proposed Israel-Gaza Ceasefire Plan    AIRIR(GSII)