Headlines of the Day 08-06-2024

    RBI keeps repo rate unchanged, raises GDP forecast to 7.2%

    The Hindu (Page 1)Economy(GSIII)
    Health experts call for vigil against spread of H5N1 virus during BakridThe Hindu (Page 6)Health(GSII)
    The Centre is notional, the States the real entitiesThe Hindu (Page 8)Polity and Governance (GSII)
    Remoulding the Global Plastics TreatyThe Hindu (Page 8)
    Environment (GSIII)

    Digital payments intelligence platform soon to curb fraudThe Hindu (Page 13)

    Volkhov riverThe Hindu Geography(GSI)
    ASEAN FTA: govt. seeks industry inputs to up demand pitchThe Hindu 


    exam paper leaks issueIndian Express (Page 12)

    Education (GSII)
    Making room for women in politics demands a new political imaginationIndian Express (Page 12)
    Women Empowerment(GSI)
    If growth has been dynamic, why have voters punished the government?Indian Express (Page 13)Economy(GSIII)
    India is relapsing into uncertainty of coalition politicsIndian Express (Page 13)Polity and Governance (GSII)
    China and Pakistan vow to protect CPEC from ‘detractors and adversaries’Indian Express (Page 14)IR(GSII)
    Chinese armed vessels patrol waters around disputed islands, angering JapanIndian Express (Page 14)IR(GSII)
    Household Consumption Expenditure Survey 2022-23Indian Express (Page 15)Economy(GSIII)
    First Command and Control Compatibility Board meeting for 2024 between India & U.S. held in New Delhi