Headlines of the day 06-09-2023





    Key points to know

    Supreme Court reserves verdict in Article 370 abrogation challenge

    The Hindu: (Page 1)

    Polity and Governance

    • What are the features of Article 370? 
    • How was the special status removed? What are the legal issues involved?

    Replace ‘service charge’ with ‘staff contribution’, says Delhi HC

    The Hindu: (Page 5)

    Polity and Governance

    • What is the ‘service charge’?
    • Why did Delhi HC say to replace it with ‘staff contribution’? Its significance

    Mizoram Assembly Adopts Resolution Opposing Forest (Conservation) Amendment Act, 2023

    The Hindu: (Page 10)

    Polity and Governance 

    • What is the Forest (Conservation) Amendment Act, 2023?
    • Why did the Mizoram Assembly Adopt a Resolution Opposing it?

    Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

    The Hindu: (Page 15)


    • What is the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)?
    • The challenges it is currently facing and the way forward


    The Hindu 


    • What is ‘ecocide’? 
    • Why do Mexico and other countries want to criminalise environmental destruction?
    • What is India’s stance?  

    Justice Amitava Roy Committee report on Prison Reforms

    Indian Express :

    (Page 5)

    Governance / Social Issues

    • What are the key findings of the Justice Amitava Roy Committee report on Prison Reforms?

    India, that is Bharat

    Indian Express :

    (Page 14) 

    Polity and Governance

    • India, that is Bharat: A short history of the nation’s names, from the Rig Veda to the Constitution of India

    Black Sea Grain Initiative 

    Indian Express : (Page 14) 


    • What is the Black Sea Grain Initiative
    • Its significance

    UPI QR Code-CBDC interoperability

    Indian Express : (Page 15)


    • What is UPI QR code-CBDC interoperability? 
    • How does it work and how do customers benefit?

    Malaviya Mission – Teachers Training Programme



    • What is the Malaviya Mission – Teachers Training Programme?
    • What are its objectives?