Headlines of the Day 04-06-2024

    Property is real, and so should the ‘compensation’The Hindu (Page 8)Polity and Governance(GSII)
    The delicate balancing of health-care costsThe Hindu (Page 8)Health(GSII)
    What’s missing in the disaster database?The Hindu (Page 9)Disaster Management (GSIII)
    Telangana’s firm, first steps after formationThe Hindu (Page 10)Polity and Governance(GSII)

    Embassy warns Indians over fake jobs in MyanmarThe Hindu (Page 12)IR(GSII)
    Rains expected to douse Himachal forest fires and curb runaway heatThe Hindu (Page14)Environment(GSIII)
    ICMR seeks to provide oral formulation of hydroxyurea to treat sickle cell diseaseThe Hindu (Page14)

    ‘Green-beard’ genes could explain how altruism arose in natureThe Hindu (Page20)S&T(GSIII)
    ISRO develops new PraVaHa software for aerodynamic designThe Hindu Space(GSIII)
    Over 1 lakh farmers voluntarily gave up their PM-Kisan benefits last yearIndian Express (Page 1)
    Polity and Governance(GSII)

    Heat proofing cities: Emergency oriented approaches must give way to long-term planningIndian Express(Page 10)

    Environment (GSIII)

    Challenge for farm sector: How to share growth gainsIndian Express(Page 10)Economy (GSIII)
    Mission Karmayogi: For civil servants who are better prepared and citizen-orientedIndian Express(Page 11)Polity and Governance(GSII)
    counting of votesIndian Express(Page 14)
    Polity and Governance(GSII)

    agrarian distressIndian Express(Page 14)Economy(GSIII)
    Agnibaan rocket launchIndian Express(Page 14)Space(GSIII)
    CSIR’s ‘Phenome India’ Project Hits Target with 10,000 Samples Collected, Aims for New Era in Precision Medicine