Headlines of the Day 03-06-2024

    The message from the Andhra Pradesh bifurcation
    Anger, separation, and the aftermath
    The Hindu (Page 6)

    The Hindu (Page 7)
    Fewer women are being hired for leadership positionsThe Hindu (Page 7)Women Related Issues(GSI)
    Does inequality lead to growth?The Hindu (Page 8)Economy(GSIII)
    Can domestic MFs invest in their overseas counterparts?The Hindu (Page 8)Economy(GSIII)
    The politics of womanhood: from abstinence to abortionThe Hindu (Page 8)Women Related Issues(GSI)
    In fight against Nipah, scientists find new way to generate virus-like particles in labThe Hindu (Page12)S&T(GSIII)
    Tonga volcano could cause unusual weather for rest of decade: studyThe Hindu (Page18)

    India to participate in Red Flag, RIMPAC exercisesThe Hindu Defense(GSIII)
    Chinese spacecraft lands on moon’s far side in growing space rivalry with USIndian ExpressSpace(GSIII)
    Mount IbuIndian Express
    What GDP number sayIndian Express(Page 10)

    Economy (GSIII)

    From growth to repairIndian Express(Page 11)

    Economy (GSIII)
    For energy transition ,different policy framework is required Indian Express(Page 11)Environment(GSIII)

    James Webb Space Telescope spots earliest-known galaxyIndian Express(Page 12)
    African National Congress’sIndian Express(Page 12)

    OPEC+ extends oil output cutsIndian Express(Page 13)Economy(GSIII)