Headlines of the Day 02-07-2024

    New criminal laws will prioritise justice: ShahThe Hindu (Page 1)Governance(GSII)
    June’s gross GST revenue growth slows to a three-year low; no official statementThe Hindu (Page 1)Economy(GSIII)
    Govt. undecided on deadline to fix boundaries for CensusThe Hindu (Page 1)Governance(GSII)/Economy(GSIII)
    Israel is facing a strategic defeat in GazaThe Hindu (Page 6)IR(GSII)

    Glossing over unemployment, its high electoral priceThe Hindu (Page 6)Economy(GSIII)
    At the end of Pride Month, assessing the LGBTQIA+ communities’ rightsThe Hindu (Page 7)Social Justice (GSII)
    What is on the agenda for the 16th Finance Commission?The Hindu (Page 8)Governance(GSII)/Economy(GSIII)
    Field evaluation trials of submarine bids under Project-75I completeThe Hindu(Page 10)Defense(GSIII)
    RBI, ASEAN to create platform for instant retail paymentsThe Hindu(Page 13)Economy(GSIII)
    Why are scientists looking for the Higgs boson’s best friend?The Hindu(Page 18)Science and Tech(GSIII)
    Kozhikode secures ‘City of Literature’ status at annual UCCN conference held in PortugalThe Hindu
    Art and Culture(GSI)
    CEPA: India wants South Korea to drop tariffs on some itemsThe Hindu
    Chital stock dwindling in Kuno, plan to move out excess cheetahsIndian Express(Page 1)


    UAPA Indian Express(Page 9)

    Internal security(GSIII)
    What do Chinese stealth fighters on a Tibetan base mean for India

    Indian Express(Page 9)


    GRSE signs deal with Bangladesh for 800-tonne ocean-going tugIndian Express(Page 11)IR(GSII)
    How the world’s first brain implant to control epileptic seizures worksIndian Express(Page 12)
    (GSIII)Science and Tech  
    How urban expansion makes Delhi susceptible to floodingIndian Express(Page 12)Disaster Management (GSIII)
    Global IndiaAI Summit 2024PIB(GSIII)Science and Tech  
    New metal oxide nanocomposite can be used for sustainable photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutantsPIB(GSIII)Science and Tech  
    India And Pakistan Exchange Lists Of Civilian Prisoners And Fishermen In Each Other’s CustodyAirIR(GSII)