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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 1



    Copper plates bring into focus Shilabhattarika  and her poetry 


    Learn facts related to Shilabhattarika 

    GS 3


    India, its SDG pledge goal, and the strategy to apply 

    (Growth and Development)

    What are  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ? Know about India’s progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), challenges and suggestions 

    GS 2


    Tread a new path, one that prioritises social justice 


    The erosion of hard-won labour rights 

    (Human Resource)

    Know about the History and Significance of International Labour Day, Constitutional safeguards related to Labour, issues faced by them in the present scenario and what steps need to be taken in this context.

    GS 2/3


    Stray dogs and poor waste management 


    Know about the Issue of stray dog menace in India,How has the government of India responded to the stray dog menace in India?What is the link between an area’s stray dog population and how waste is collected and managed? What role can equitable housing and sanitation policies play?


    GS 3


    The protests against the refinery project in Maharashtra


    What is the Ratnagiri refinery and petrochemicals project? Is it going to harm the coastal Konkan region? 


    GS 2


    Rajnath to hand over patrol vessel, landing craft to Maldives

    (International Relations)

    Know about the present status of India-Maldives relations, recent developments and future outlook