Exercise Yudh Abhyas & other bilateral exercises


    In Context

    • The Indian Army is currently engaged in bilateral exercises with five countries underway both inside and outside the country meant to improve interoperability. 

    About the exercises

    • The 18th edition of India-U.S. Army exercise ‘Yudh Abhyas’ which is underway at Auli in Uttarakhand, about 100 km from the Line of Actual Control (LAC), has entered the validation phase and is set to conclude later this week.
    • The previous edition of the exercise was held at Alaska, U.S., in October 2021.
      • Yudh Abhyas reinforces our commitment to the Indo-Pacific region and improves interoperability with our Indian Army partner.
    • Other ongoing exercises are 
      • ‘Ex Austra Hind’ with Australia at Mahajan field firing ranges in Rajasthan from November 28 to December 11 
        • The exercise will be a yearly event that will be conducted alternatively in India and Australia.
      • ‘Ex Agni Warrior’ with Singapore at Deolali from November 13 to December 3. 
    • The outgoing exercises are
      •  ‘Ex Harimau Shakti’ with Malaysia from November 28 to December 12 
        • the annual training event has been ongoing since 2012
        • The scope of this exercise involves a command planning exercise at the Battalion level and company level field training exercise on sub-conventional operations in jungle terrain.
      •  ‘Ex Garuda Shakti’ with Indonesia, between Special Forces began on November 21. 
        • It is aimed at enhancing understanding, cooperation and interoperability between the Special Forces of both armies. 
      • ‘Ex KazInd’ with Kazakhstan is scheduled for mid-December.