Blyth’s Tragopan


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    • The forest officials in Manipur have been scanning “gambling dens” following reports of wild animals – dead or alive – being offered as prizes for raffle draws.


    • People are buying raffle draw tickets ranging from ?100 to ?500 to try their luck to win exotic meat
    • Apart from wild boars and deer, animals such as binturong (an arboreal mammal also known as bearcat), squirrels and flying foxes (bats) have been found to be on offer. 
    • Different types of birds such as the grey-sided thrush and tragopans (often called horned pheasants) have also been spotted.

    Blyth’s tragopan

    • About: 
      • A pheasant also called grey-bellied tragopan
      • State bird of Nagaland.
      • Scientific Name: Tragopan blythii
    • Habitat: 
      • Bhutan through north-east India, 
      • North Myanmar to south-east Tibet, and
      • China. 
    • Population: 
      • Estimated to be about 2,500 to 9,999 birds.
    • Conservation Status:
      • IUCN Status: Vulnerable (VU)
      • CITES: Appendix I
    • Threats:
      • Deforestation as forest is primary habitat; 
      • threatened to extinction and overexploitation
      • High levels of grazing and slash and burn agriculture
    • Way Ahead:
      • This species is legally protected in all countries in which it is found.
      • Conservation awareness plans need to be implemented in all areas.

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