International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)


    In News 

    The government has amended the prevention of tampering of the Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number, Rules, 2017, in which it is making it mandatory for mobile manufacturers to register International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI) for every handset made in India with the government.

    •  Importers, too, will have to register with the government the IMEI number of each phone before importing it.

    Rationale behind the move 

    • The new rules are to curb the rising cases of cloning and theft of mobile phones. allowing access to the network. 

    About International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) 

    • It is a unique number that is used to identify a device on a mobile network. It has 15 digits and is like a phone’s unique identity. 
    • The number is used to verify the identity of a device when a user uses the Internet or places a call through it. Phones with a dual-SIM option have two IMEI numbers, one for each SIM. 
    • Benefits : It helps in identifying the manufacturer of the phone and finding out if it was ever stolen. A stolen or lost device can be tracked using this number even if the SIM card has been removed. These numbers can also help in blacklisting devices, which will stop them from functioning.
      • Cell phones with dual SIM cards have two IMEI numbers, one for each SIM.