Supreme Court Judges Rules


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    • Recently, the Centre amended the Supreme Court Judges Rules

    About the amended rules  


    • Chauffeurs and domestic help 
      • It provides chauffeurs and domestic help for retired Chief Justices of India and Supreme Court judges for their entire lifetime.
    • Secretarial assistants
      • Retired CJIs would also get secretarial assistants. The staff would be paid the salary and allowances of regular employees of the Supreme Court.
    • Security cover
      • The benefit of 24-hour security cover has been extended to five years for retired Chief Justices and three years for retired judges of the Supreme Court.
    • Bills
      • Former CJIs and retired judges of the top court can get their monthly mobile phone and Internet bills reimbursed to the extent of 4,200.
    • Rent-free Type VII accommodation
      • A retired CJI is also entitled to a rent-free Type VII accommodation, other than the designated official residence, in New Delhi for six months immediately after retirement.
    • Ceremonial lounges of airports
      • The amended Rules mandate that retired Chief Justices and judges should be extended courtesies as per protocol at ceremonial lounges of airports.
    • Exceptions
      • These post-retirement benefits would be available only if the retirees were not getting similar facilities from any High Court or government body.