Exercise Kakadu 2022


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    • Recently, a P8I Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft of the Indian Navy participated in the Multinational Maritime Exercise Kakadu 2022.


    • It was hosted by the Royal Australian Navy in Darwin along with INS Satpura
    • It is a biennial maritime exercise that brings together around 3,000 personnel, 15 warships and more than 30 aircraft from 22 countries. 
    • It would cover both the sea phase and the harbor phase.
      • The harbour phase would witness participants being involved in operational planning interactions and supportive activities.
    • The maiden participation of the P8I provided an enhanced exposure to the aircrew, augmenting the understanding of the varied nuances of collaborative Anti-Submarine and Anti-Surface Warfare operations in a complex multi-threat scenario.       
    • Objective: Enhance interoperability and reaffirm the Indian Navy’s commitment to the Indo-Pacific.
    • Theme: ‘Partnership, Leadership, Friendship’

    Source: PIB