India-UK NET zero innovation virtual center


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    About India-UK NET zero innovation virtual center

    • It will provide a platform to bring stakeholders from both countries together to work in some of the focus areas including the Decarbonization of manufacturing processes & transport systems and Green Hydrogen as a renewable source

    Other Developments 

    • The close collaboration between the India-UK strengthened through an ambitious ‘Roadmap 2030’ that provides a framework for UK-India relations across health, climate, trade, education, science and technology, and defence.
    • the MOES and UK Met Office collaboration in weather and climate science aims to conduct joint research on natural hazards in the South Asian monsoon system, improve the modelling capabilities at different scales, and improve tools and techniques for risk based (ensemble) forecasting of natural hazards, 
    • the MOES-NEKTON joint research programme towards exploration and conservation of marine biodiversity under the Deep Ocean Mission in India.


    • The UK has emerged as India’s second-largest international research and innovation partner. 
      • The India-UK Science & Technology (S&T) collaboration has been growing at a rapid pace and the joint research programme has gone from an almost zero base to close to £300-400 million now.
    • The partnership will provide a great mechanism to support research and innovation in both countries for long-term sustainable growth through expanding and maximizing cooperation in areas of mutual interest.
    • The revival of the DST Innovate UK Industrial R & D programme will provide opportunity to Indian and UK academia and industry for developing newer products/process together for economic growth of both nations.

    Do you know?

    • India is on the fast track move and the nation is determined to achieve its Climate Change and Environmental targets on time.
    • Dwelling on the issue of India’s net zero journeys, energy efficiency and renewable energy are central pillars, where India has already taken lead by various initiatives like India Solar Alliance, Clean energy mission etc.

    Source: Newsonair