VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)


    In News

    • Google is said to be testing support for variable refresh rates (VRR) in the Chrome OS.

    What is VRR?

    • Refresh rate is the number of times a display is capable of refreshing in a second.
    • It is measured in hertz (Hz).
      • So, a 30 Hz or a 60 Hz display can refresh 30 or 60 times per second, respectively.
    • The higher the refresh rate, the better the quality of viewing experience.
    • Displays with over 120 Hz can deliver a smoother and more comfortable viewing experience.
      • This is necessary while playing video games or watching videos.
    • VRR supports a wide range of refresh rates, allowing its refresh rate to change in real-time based on the frames-per-second (FPS) rate coming from a source device such as a gaming console.

    Significance of this technology

    • Efficient streaming: This screen technology enables a monitor or a TV to communicate with a gaming console or a media streaming device much more effectively.
    • It can improve gaming experience in both console and PC-based gaming.
      • Besides, the screen technology can give players an important edge, especially in competitive multiplayer games where split-second decisions are crucial for victory.
    • In mobile devices: it saves battery power on them as the adaptive refresh rate does not run at the highest rate all the time and switches to a lower refresh rate during less graphic-intensive tasks.

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