National Mission on Cultural Mapping (NMCM)


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    • Recently, the National Mission on Cultural Mapping has now been handed over to the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), which is gearing up for a trial run in 75 villages in October 2021.

    National Mission on Cultural Mapping (NMCM) 

    • It is a mission mode project of the Ministry of Culture. It was enacted in 2015.
    • Aim: To address the necessity of preserving the threads of rich Indian Art and Cultural Heritage, convert vast and widespread cultural canvas of India into an objective Cultural Mapping while creating a strong “Cultural Vibrancy” throughout the nation.
    • It encompasses data mapping, demography building, formalising the processes and bringing all cultural activities under one umbrella for better results.
    • The work on creating a database for folk arts and mapping of heritage of villages would be carried out over five years 
    • Significance 
      • Fostering Cultural Awareness
      • Cultural Preservation
      • Sustainable Employment to creative industries
      • Optimal Resource Allocation and Utilization:
      • Creation of objective Database for inclusive growth of cultural heritage

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