Cham Dance


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    • The filmmaker and art historian recently gave a talk on the dance form Cham at an online event organised by the India Habitat Centre.

    Image Courtesy:leh ladakh india

    About Cham 

    • Origin: The Yogachara School of Buddhism was founded in Kashmir in the 4th century by Asanga and Vasubandhu. This developed into the sophisticated Vajrayana form of Buddhism, which incorporated the Cham dance
      • From Ladakh to Mongolia, the Cham is the deepest form of meditation of the Lamas.
      • The purpose of this meditation is for the Lama (priest) to be able to free himself entirely from his own ephemeral personality. 
    • It was started in the eighth century by Padmasambhava (who introduced Tantric Buddhism to Tibet), to subjugate the local demons that were obstructing the building of the first monastery in Tibet, Samye.
    • It is an elaborate masked and Costumed dance. It is considered an act of cleansing evil forces.
    • It is unique to Tibetan Buddhism and an important cultural tradition.