I2U2 Grouping


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    • Recently, India and the UAE held talks on food security cooperation under the I2U2.

    About I2U2

    • I2U2 stands for:
      • India
      • Israel
      • UAE
      • USA
    • It is also referred to as the ‘West Asian Quad’.
    • Aim of I2U2 grouping:
      • Its stated aim is to discuss common areas of mutual interest, to strengthen the economic partnership in trade and investment in respective regions and beyond.
      • Six areas of cooperation have been identified by the countries mutually:
        • Water
        • Energy
        • Transportation
        • Space
        • Health
        • Food security


    • The countries will look to modernise infrastructure, explore low carbon development avenues for industries, improve public health, and promote the development of critical emerging and green technologies
    • It empowers partners and encourages them to work more closely together, which will lead to a more stable region. 
    • The US regards India as a big consumer market as well as a massive producer of high-tech and highly sought-after goods. 


    • The formation of this group is criticised for having the USA’s hidden agenda to “contain” Iran in the geopolitics of West Asia.
    • India never ever got entangled in the intra-regional issues in West Asia and critics want India to refrain from being part of this alliance

    Abraham Accords

    • The Abraham Accords of 2020 had led to Israel formally normalising diplomatic ties with the UAE and two other countries in the region, marking an important shift in the stance of West Asian countries on Israel.  

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