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    • Recently the term “Acculturation “ was in the news.

    About Acculturation

    • The concept of acculturation was coined in 1880 by American geologist John Wesley Powel. 
      • He defined it as the psychological changes induced in people due to cross-cultural imitation, resulting from the interaction with different cultures.
    • At present ,it is defined as the process in which a person or group from one culture comes in contact with another culture, adopting the values and practices of the other while still retaining their own distinct identity.
    • Sociologists understand acculturation as a two-way process, wherein the minority culture adopts aspects of the majority to fit in and the culture of the majority is also influenced by that of the minority.
    • Outcomes of acculturation :Acculturation affects various aspects of life, including dietary patterns, fashion, art, architecture, work culture, and literature. 
      • Acculturation allows us to learn and understand new aspects of various cultures and appreciate their differences. 
    • Indian Scenario   : India, with its distinctive fusion of various cultures, has archetypes that present us with a deeper understanding of the concept of acculturation. The Urdu language, a blend of Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Hindi, is a beautiful example of the amalgamation and transmutation of cultures.
      • There are interesting examples that portray the process of acculturation between the Hindu and Christian cultures in the country