Jaipur Declaration


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    • Recently, “Jaipur Declaration” was adopted at the 18th World Security Congress jointly organized by the Railway Protection Force and the UIC.


    • The Jaipur declaration” outlines an actionable agenda for UIC to explore innovative approaches that can help global Railway organizations achieve their long-term goal of safety and security.
    • It highlighted the commitment of UIC to work towards providing a more safe and secure rail network across the globe, by also fully activating the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and African regional assemblies by 2025.

    About UIC

    • The UIC (Union International Des Chemins) or International Union of Railways established in 1922 is headquartered in Paris. 
    • It is the worldwide professional association representing the railway sector for research, development & promotion of rail transport. 
    • Members are invited to take a proactive role in the UIC working groups and assemblies where the railways’ position on regional/worldwide issues is shaped. 
      • Active participation in the working groups is a unique opportunity to voice opinions and benefit from the weight of the railway sector at a coordinated worldwide level. 
    • The Security Platform of UIC is empowered to develop and formulate analysis and policy positions on behalf of the global rail sector in matters relating to security of persons, property and installations.

    18th World Security Congress

    • Railway Protection Force India and UIC organised the UIC World Security Congress 2023 which was held in Jaipur on 20-23 February 2023.
    • The conference brought together experts, stakeholders, and delegates from around the world to discuss the latest developments and best practices in railway security.
    • Theme: ‘Railway Security Strategy: Responses and Vision for Future.

    About Railway Protection Force (RPF)

    • RPF is the prime security and law- enforcement organization in the field of Railway Security in India. 
    • Constituted as a federal Force in the year 1957, RPF is responsible for security of railway property, passenger and passenger zones. 
    • It has been implementing innovative solutions suited to the typical needs at the ground-zero level. 
    • RPF has the distinction of being the federal force of India with the largest share of women in its ranks.