Dhokra Art


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    • Lalbazaar village in West Bengal is an art hub and moving towards becoming a centre for dhokra art.

    Dhokra Art

    • About:
      • It is a metalcraft popular in Bengal.
      • An Ancient Tradition: Its documented history is about 5,000 years old. 
      • In its original form, no painting or polishing is done.
      • Most Dhokra artefacts are human or animal figurines.
    • Complex Process:
      • Making dhokra art is a difficult process. 
      • Each figurine takes about a month to make. 
      • There are many processes involved, for which seven to eight varieties of clay is required, apart from other raw materials


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    • Famous Places for  for dhokra work in West Bengal:
      • Bikna in Bankura and 
      • Dariyapur in Bardhaman. 
    • Concerns:
      • The quality of their products is deteriorating
      • The steady increase in the cost of raw materials.
      • The primitive techniques and lack of access to modern technology causes a delay in production.
      • There is a lot of polishing and colouring, something that is not done in dhokra.

    About Lalbazar

    • Also known as Khwaabgram (‘village of dreams’)
    • It is located about 4 km from Jhargram 
    • Inhabited by members of the Lodha tribe, once outlawed by the British. 
    • They mostly earn a living as labourers and small farmers.

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