Maharaja Serfoji II


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    Recently, the exquisite 19th century stolen painting of Maharaja Serfoji II has been traced to a US museum.

    About Painting

    • The painting has Raja Serfoji and his youthful son
    • It was probably painted between 1822 and 1827
    • Kept in the Saraswathi Mahal. 

    Image Courtesy: sputniknews

    Maharaja Serfoji II

    • Serfoji was the last of the Bhonsle Rajas of Thanjavur
    • He died in 1832
    • His only son Shivaji ruled until 1855. 
    • Thanjavur became a casualty of Lord Dalhousie’s infamous ‘Doctrine of Lapse’.

    Saraswathi Mahal Library 

    • In 1918, it was opened to the public at Thanjavur.
    • The library even today boasts of over 40,000 rare manuscripts and paintings.

    Doctrine of Lapse. 

    • The doctrine declared that if an Indian ruler died without a male heir his kingdom would “lapse”, that is, become part of Company territory. One kingdom after another was annexed simply by applying this doctrine: Satara (1848), Sambalpur (1850), Udaipur (1852), Nagpur (1853) and Jhansi (1854). Finally, in 1856, the Company also took over Awadh

    Source: IE