Whale Stranding


    In News

    • Recently, pilot whales were stranded near the shore of Kalpitiya, a town located on Sri Lanka’s west coast.

    Pilot Whales

    • Pilot whales are so named because it was once believed that each observed group was navigated by a pilot or leader. 
    • There are two species of pilot whales:  Short finned pilot whales (Globicephala macrorhynchus), which are mainly found in tropical and warm-temperate regions, and long-finned pilot whales (G. melas), which inhabit colder waters
    • They and other large members of the dolphin family are also known as blackfish.
    • They are highly social and may remain with their birth pod throughout their lifetime.

    What is Whale Stranding?

    • Whale stranding is a phenomenon in which whales are stuck on land, usually on a beach. 
    • Most of the stranding events involve single animals but sometimes, mass strandings, consisting of hundreds of marine animals at a time, can happen.

    Reasons for Mass Stranding

    • The topography of the region, 
    • Illness 
    • Human activities 
    • Panic from being trapped by a predator such as killer whales or sharks.


    • Scientists and workers try to drag the whales away from the shore and guide them back into the water.