‘Ops Alert’ Exercise


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    • Recently, the Border Security Force (BSF) has started a seven-day “Ops Alert” exercise.

    Key Points

    • About:
      • Commenced on January 21 and will continue till January 28. 
      • All along the Indo-Pak international border from Sir Creek (marshy area) to the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and Barmer district of Rajasthan.
      • The BSF will carry out special operations in forward and depth areas as well as creeks and ‘Harami Nalla‘ as part of the exercise. 
      • It has also planned public outreach programmes as part of the exercise.
    • Objectives:
      • To enhance security along the India-Pakistan border in Kutch district of Gujarat and Barmer in Rajasthan.
      • Being carried out to “thwart any ill designs of anti-national elements” during the Republic Day celebrations.
    • Government Efforts:
      • To enhance its security, “permanent vertical bunkers” of concrete are being constructed for the first time to station BSF troops right at the strategically significant Sir Creek and Harami Nalla marshy area.
      • The Union Home Ministry has sanctioned a ?50-crore fund for the construction of eight multi-storey bunkers cum observation posts in this area along the Bhuj sector in view of the constant infiltration of Pakistani fishermen and fishing boats in the area.

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    Sir Creek

    • Originally named Ban Ganga, Sir Creek is named after a British representative.
    • It is a 96 km long strip of water disputed between India and Pakistan in the Rann of Kutch marshlands
    • It opens up in the Arabian Sea and roughly divides the Kutch region of Gujarat from the Sindh Province of Pakistan. 
    • Pakistan claims the entire width of the estuary, while India says the demarcation should be in the middle.

    Harami Nalla 

    • It is also known as the Sir Creek area. 
    • The area is a 22 km long and approximately 8 km wide marshy patch that is navigable most of the time.

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