Rule 267 of the Rajya Sabha


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    • Rule 267 of the Rajya Sabha rulebook has become a bone of contention in the Upper House. 

    About Rule 267

    • It allows for the suspension of a day’s business to debate the issue suggested by a Member.
      • The Rule gives special power to a Rajya Sabha member to suspend the pre-decided agenda of the House, with the approval of the Chairman.
    • The Rajya Sabha rule book defines “Rule 267” under “suspension of rules” as an instance where “any Member, may, with the consent of the Chairman, move that any rule may be suspended in its application to a motion related to the business listed before the council of that day and if the motion is carried, the rule in question shall be suspended for the time being.”
      •  provided further that this rule shall not apply where specific provision already exists for suspension of a rule under a particular chapter of the Rules”.