e-Chhawani Project


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    • GIS-Based Automatic Water Supply System for citizens of Cantonment Board under eChhawani project has been launched recently by the Defence Minister of India. 

    About eChhawani Project 

    • eChhawani is a citizen-centric project of the Directorate General of Defence Estates, Ministry of Defence. 
    • Under this initiative, Cantonment Boards provide online citizen services to more than 20 lakh residents across 62 Cantonments in the country through the unified eChhawani Portal.
    • Aims: To improve citizen interaction with Cantonment Boards while making Cantonment Board employees better equipped, informed and responsive to public needs with transparency and in an effective manner.
      • It enables citizens to avail the various services online rendered by the Cantonment Boards through Cantonment Board websites.

    Cantonment Boards

    • About:
      • They are a civic administration body functioning under the provisions of the Cantonments Act, 2006
        • The Cantonments Act of 1924 was repealed by this Act.
      • They are under the administrative control of the Ministry of Defence.
    • Members: 
      • The members are partly elected and partly nominated.
      • While the elected members hold the office for a term of 5 years, the nominated members continue as long as they hold the office.
      • The Station Commander is the President of the Cantonment Board and Chief Executive Officer -an officer appointed by the Union Government.
      • The military officer commanding the station serves as the board’s ex-officio president and presides over its meetings.
    • Functions:
      • They are primarily meant to accommodate the military population and their installations.
      • It provides for public health, water supply, sanitation, primary education, and street lighting, among other things, to the residents of the cantonment.
      • It also provides for training and administration of the Army in the said area.
    • Cantonments are different from Military Stations:
      • Military Stations are purely meant for the use and accommodation of the armed forces and these are established under an executive order whereas the Cantonments are areas that comprise both military and civil population.

      Source: PIB