Hakku Patra


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    • The Prime Minister symbolically distributed Hakku Patra (land title deeds) to five families of the Banjara (Lambani) community at an event organised by the state Revenue Department at Malkhed, in the Kalaburagi district of Karnataka.
    • The Banjaras are a key scheduled caste sub-group in Karnataka, although they are considered to be a tribal group in terms of the lives they lead. 

    What are hakku patras or title deeds?

    • A title deed is a property ownership document, and the bearer of the document owns the land. 
    • The title deeds enable owners to avail of bank loans with the said document.
    • They will also be eligible to buy or sell land to which the title deed is granted by the government.

    the Banjara community

    •   The word ‘banjara’ is derived from vanaj meaning to trade, and jara meaning to travel. Their dialect is Gorboli, with words from many regions. 
      • These nomads were the vital supply chain for villages, and they ended up all over Asia and Europe.
    • The Banjaras were among many tribes that resisted the British attempt to seize their lands for plantations and enrol them as labour.
    • With roots in Rajasthan, Banjaras now live in several States, and are known by different names — in Andhra Pradesh, Lambada or Lambadi; in Karnataka, Lambani; in Rajasthan, Gwar or Gwaraiya. 
    • They are listed in various States as Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Class and as Vimukta Jati/ denotified tribes.

    Source: IE