Jaffna Cultural Centre


    In Context

    • Jaffna Cultural Centre in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province awaits inauguration nearly two years after its construction.
      • Built with an Indian grant of $11 million and was completed in early 2020.

    About Jaffna Cultural Centre

    • The Centre is being developed as an iconic building that will emerge as a cultural forum that embodies coexistence and cooperation amongst the various communities on the island.
    • It would comprise a theatre-style auditorium (with projection facilities) with a capacity of up to 600 people, a multimedia library with online research facilities, an exhibition and gallery space and a museum.  
    • It would also have an instructional wing, which would have facilities to conduct classes in vocal and instrumental music, dance and languages, including a language lab. 

    • Purpose:
      • To provide suitable social infrastructure for the people of the Northern Province, especially for the people of Jaffna, to help them to reconnect with their cultural roots as well as to the rest of the country 
      • To rejuvenate and nurture the ancient cultural heritage of Jaffna. 
    • Significance:
      • The Centre will enable the people of Jaffna to enjoy various local and international cultural products
      • It would also serve as a delivery centre for training, instruction and education in a variety of cultural disciplines.  

    Source: TH