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    • Recently, Scientists have discovered nearly five thousand exoplanets with the help of ground-based and space telescopes.


    • Exomoons are considered to be those natural satellites that revolve around exoplanets.
    • However, exomoon around any of these planets continues to remain untraceable.
    • The signals of exo-moons are too weak, because of their small sizes.
    • Origin:
      • The solar system consists of a large number of natural satellites with numerous masses and sizes. 
      • A number of these satellites influence the ambient environment of the Solar planet. 
      • It is for this reason that a huge number of exomoons are expected to be present, which may also play an important role in the habitability of rocky exoplanets in the habitable zone of stars.


    • An exoplanet is any planet beyond our solar system, i.e., planets that orbit around stars other than the sun.
    • Most orbit other stars, but free-floating exoplanets, called rogue planets, orbit the galactic center and are untethered to any star.
    • Nearly five thousand exoplanets have been discovered outside our solar system.

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