Excercise Vinbax & Exercise UDARASHAKTI


    In News

    • Recently, Vietnam-India Bilateral Army Exercise VINBAX 2022 concluded at Chandimandir, Haryana.

    About Vinbax 2022

    • Vietnam has deployed a contingent in UN peacekeeping operations for the first time in South Sudan while India has a long and rich tradition of contributing to UN peacekeeping operations.
    • The final validation exercise nicknamed ‘Men in Blue’ was built around the setting up of a base in a remote African location faced with myriad challenges.
    • Importance: 
      • It was the first time ever that the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) was undertaking a Field Training Exercise with any foreign Army. 
      • The fact that Vietnam chose India for this honour, speaks volumes about the value the two countries place on their mutual relationship.
      • Signifies the close relationship and convergence of interests between Vietnam and India.

    About Exercise UDARASHAKTI 

    • The bilateral exercise between the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) culminated at the RMAF Air Base Kuantan.
    • Spanning four days, the exercise saw the two Air Forces work in cohesion through a series of complex aerial combat drills in multiple domains and exercise settings. 
    • Significance:
      • It provided both the Air Forces an opportunity to share each others’ best practices
      • The exercise was characterized by the display of a high degree of professionalism by all participants.

    Source: PIB + PIB