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    • As Sri Lanka’s Parliament votes for a new President ,some sections of the aragalaya have sent out the signal that they will not accept a leader who bats for the status quo.

    About Aragalaya

    • It is  a Sinhalese word for “struggle”.
    • It is being used widely to describe the daily gathering of people at Colombo that began with the demand that Gotabaya resign as President and make way for a new dispensation, even “a new system”. 
    • In its essential meaning, aragalaya also captures the struggle of individual Sri Lankans to find food, fuel and medicines on a daily basis, bringing them all together in a “janatha aragalaya” — a people’s struggle.
    •  It has been mostly leaderless, though some individuals have spoken for the group on occasion. 
    • It also used social media to relay its messages.