Corps of Engineers


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    • Lieutenant General Manoj Pande has been appointed as the next chief of the Indian Army (COAS). 
      • He will be the first officer from the Corps of Engineers (The Bombay Sappers) to be named as the COAS. 

    The Army’s system of Corps and Regiments

    •  It is divided into two broad categories — Arms and Services.
    • ‘Arms’ category: 
      • Infantry, Armoured Corps, Artillery, Engineers, Signals, Army Air Defence, Army Aviation Corps and Military Intelligence fall .
    • ‘Services’:
      • Army Service Corps, Army Ordnance Corps, Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering and several other minor Corps.

    What is Corps of Engineers and its role in India’s defence?

    • The Indian Army Corps of Engineers is one of the oldest arms of the Indian Army
    • The Corps of Engineers bestowed with the task of providing combat engineering support, developing infrastructure for armed forces and other defence organisations.
    •  It is also responsible for maintaining connectivity along the borders, besides helping the civil authorities during natural disasters and calamities.
    • College of Military Engineering (CME) in Pune is the premier technical and tactical training institution of the Indian Army Corps of Engineers.
    • The Corps of Engineers has three groups, i.e. Madras Sappers, Bengal Sappers and Bombay Sappers. 
      • These three groups were amalgamated into the Corps on November 18, 1932.
    •  Roles played by it  :
      • The tasks of the Indian Army Corps of Engineers are executed through four pillars of the Corps 
        • Combat Engineers.
        • Military Engineer Service
        • Border Road Organisation 
        • Military Survey.

    Source:Times Now