What is October Heat?


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    • October heat phenomenon is often witnessed in many places of India.

    What is October Heat?

    • The weather in the month of October in the Indian sub-continent is called ‘October heat’. 
    • During October and November, with the apparent movement of the sun towards the south, the monsoon trough or the low-pressure trough over the northern plains becomes weaker. 
    • This is gradually replaced by a high-pressure system. The southwest monsoon winds weaken and start withdrawing gradually. 
    • By the beginning of October, the monsoon withdraws from the northern plains. The months of October and November form the period of transition from the hot rainy season to dry winter conditions. 
    • The retreat of the monsoon is marked by clear skies and a rise in temperature. While day temperatures are high, nights are cool and pleasant. The land is still moist and the weather becomes rather oppressive during the day and is commonly known as October heat.
      • In India, retreating monsoon is the withdrawal of southwest monsoon winds from North India.

    Source: TOI