Exercise Cambrian Patrol


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    • Indian Army team won the gold medal in Exercise Cambrian Patrol organised at Brecon, Wales (UK).
      • Ex Cambrian Patrol is referred to as the ‘Olympics of Military Patrolling’ among militaries in the world.

    Exercise Cambrian Patrol

    • About:
      • Exercise Cambrian Patrol is an annual international military patrolling exercise in which the teams have to cover a 50-mile (80 km) course in less than 48 hrs while performing numerous types of military exercises.
      • Cambrian Patrol was first set up more than 40 years ago, by a group of Welsh Territorial Army soldiers who designed the training event to feature long-distance marching over the Cambrian Mountains culminating in firing. 
    • Aim: 
      • To test their leadership, self-discipline, courage, physical endurance, and determination.

    Source: AIR