Allium Negianum


    In News : 

    • Recently, the new species Allium negianum was described in the journal PhytoKeys. 


    • Discovery
      • A plant discovered in Uttarakhand in 2019 has been newly confirmed as a new species of Allium — the genus that includes many staple foods such as onion and garlic, among 1,100 species worldwide. 
      • In 2019,Principal Scientist at ICAR-National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources in New Delhi came across plants of this onion species, which they have named Allium negianum.
    • Scientific name
      • Allium negianum honours the late Dr Kuldeep Singh Negi, an explorer and Allium collector.
    • Distribution
      • It grows at 3,000 to 4,800 m above sea level and can be found along open grassy meadows, sandy soils along rivers, and streams forming in snow pasture lands along alpine meadows, where the melting snow helps carry its seeds to more favourable areas. 
      • With a narrow distribution, this newly described species is restricted to the region of western Himalayas and hasn’t yet been reported from anywhere else in the world.
    • This species has long been known under domestic cultivation to local communities. 
    • Indiscriminate harvest of its leaves and bulbs for seasoning may pose a threat to its wild populations.

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